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A unique high quality clothing line directed towards making the world a better place one shirt at the time! Ride the wave to save!A Short Intro About Me:
As a young girl I spent most of my time playing in and around the ocean, I adored it. Most of my clothes couldn’t keep up with me (either by design or fabric). I developed such a passion for the ocean that I began learning about the marine eco-system as well as the pollution that destroys the under water world. These concerns lead me to global issues that many countries face. Polluted water supplies and the lack of education were ignored by most corporate businesses. I decided to make a change.
I created this clothing line and company for people who love, work, and play in and around the Ocean. This company is not only humanitarian but also economically and environmentally conscious. WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD TODAY!
Some say I dream big…but I say..whats life without a dream! Another fishing shirt? NOOO!! We Are A Totally Exclusive, Humanitarian, Water Sport Line!
Our Clothing Line Project : is to launch off a new line of breathable, comfortable, stylish clothes using premium quality fabric(s). Ocean Rebel is directed towards all sorts of Extreme Watersports. If you surf, wakeboard, kiteboard, boat, scuba or just visit the beach then this is for you! OUR MISSION: Is to provide comfortable, stylish apparel and gear meanwhile enhancing the lives of others. Ocean Rebel is an exclusive high standard company with proper morals and ethics. Ocean Rebel’s products are thoughtfully designed for water sport enthusiasts BY water sport enthusiasts. That is how we create a stylish, durable, and satisfying product regardless if your taking a walk on the beach or catching a wave in the sunset.You CAN have the cake and eat it too!! We believe in a “work hard play hard” motto. The MORE you visit the beach, perform your sport or hobby and support O.R. (ocean rebel) the MORE you enhance the lives of others and yourself. Its a WIN-WIN situation. The MORE you play, The MORE lives you change. Talk about the best way to make a difference in the world.We use 100% preshrunk combed ring-spun cotton, which gives the softest touch and lightest feel. Our products are Fashion Fit Double-needle stitching and hem. Always tag-free!
By purchasing our products you’re telling the world that you not only love the ocean and/or water sports but that you are humanitarian, environmentally and economically conscious.
– Ocean Rebel donates a percentage of profits back to the community. Providing clean drinking water around the world. – We only use clean water-based ink for our product designs, making it safe for all living individuals.- By keeping our overhead costs at a minimum, Ocean Rebel can provide consumers with high quality products at an affordable price.-Ocean Rebel supports clean oceans; we use the ocean for our pleasure, therefore it is only commonsense to clean and protect it, No one likes a dirty playground.
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Where does your money go?All Funds Received goes towards the complete production of our product line. Which includes manufacturing and assembling all our products. Purchasing supplies, materials, distribution and the assembling process to produce the final product. You will help Ocean Rebel create the entire clothing line.Ocean Rebel donates a large % of profits to build water-wells and provide clean drinking water to schools in Sub-Saharan Africa. By www.CrowdFundingPlanning.com and www.CrowdFundingFrameWorks.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8b5-iEnW70k

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