Top 5 Kayaking Tips and Skills for Beginners – Inflatable 2 Person Version

This video demonstrates 5 helpful #Kayaking #Tips for beginners.

This video shows helpful tips on how to get started with your kayak if you just started this venture.

So, you bought a kayak? Now what? How do I use it, you might be asking yourself?

Well, here are the 5 tips we found to be most helpful.

Granted, these are tips we stumbled upon by trial and error.

We were sitting around the house when Montserrat said “let’s buy a kayak!”, then came the realization that we don’t know much about kayaks and how to maneuver it, but like most things we youtubed how to get in a kayak and we took off.

It was important to us that we were in a safe zone so we took to a small lake in our city.

Extra Tip: Always make sure to start of in an easy lake, no waves or major current.

Keep in mind that strong winds will make it difficult for you to control the kayak so check the weather before going out.

These are the 5 things/tips you should know when going out with a kayak and zero experience on how to use it.

Tip 1: Clear the path – Make sure there is nothing in the way. Clear all debris out of the way. You never know what might harm your kayak.
Tip 2: Check the water -You never know what is under. Some times there is sharp rocks or objects. In our case that is exactly what there was and we sure were glad to have checked.
Tip 3: Parallel Mount – Although there are other ways to mount when there is an incline, this is the best way to do it when you don’t have an incline. Set your kayak parallel to the dock or land and if the kayak is too low start with your feet first while you or someone else is still steadily a hold of the dock or land, then enter slowly staying balanced. This is best done with two people so that one can hold the kayak from leaving the shore line.
Tip 4: Synchronize Paddling: I’ll be straight up, we don’t know much more than just regular paddling. The only thing we learned was that we both need to be on the same page when paddling or we can simply take turns individually. Either way, it’s going to take some team work.
Tip 5: Have fun – It’s pretty pointless to be out there during a nice day on the water and not have fun and all though this seems obvious, a lot of the time we forget to have fun. So don’t forget that part! You are never too old to have fun!

But on the other hand, if you panic and try to get back in the kayak too quickly, re-entering your kayak can be incredibly tough and frustrating.

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