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This silent 16mm home movie contains footage shot in both Honolulu, Hawaii and New South Wales and Queensland, Australia. Some of it appears to be professionally shot from the 1940s but most of it is amateur footage from the 1960s. Two sections in particular, showing surfing in Hawaii and pineapple harvesting and processing, are likely commercial films that were sold in tourist shops in Honolulu in the 1940s-1960s.

It begins with surfing footage that appears to date to the 1940s shot on Waikiki Beach. At 1:18 a waterman stands on his head on a board, and at 1:22 a woman rides tandem with a native surfer. At 1:45 a woman sits on the shoulders of a surfer as he rides the waves onto the beach. At 2:38 a canoe dodges surfers on its way to the beach. At 3:07 large waves are seen. At 3:45 a surfer and his girl walk on the beach towards the waves. At 3:57 a tourist walks on the shore. At 4:10-7:00 surfers ride big waves. This footage may be from Australia, it’s unclear. It does appear it is probably from the 1960s). At 7:31 a Pan Am jet, probably a 727, takes off. At 7:50, what appears to be Sydney, Australia is seen from the air. At 8:04 the famed Sydney Bridge is shown followed by images of the city. At 8:52 a large group of people parades on the beach, one carrying a Cronulla Beach banner, another one reading Codgee. At 9:23 a group from Bondi Beach are seen. At 10:34 a beauty wearing a bikini walks past. At 11:32 a large group of swimmers hits the waves. At 12:13, a surfer walks across the beach with a striped board. At 12:36 a lifeguard boat comes into the shore. At 13:52 an Australian lass in a bikini sits on the beach. At 14:07 jousting competitions take place on the beach. At 14;22, Sydney harbor and the bridge are seen at dusk. At 14:42, shots of the airport and a TAA terminal, for a trip to Queensland. Lovely landscapes of Queensland are shown. At 16:44 the dam servicing the Mareeba-Dimbulah irrigation area is shown. At 19:06 a rainbow appears over the landscape. At 19:33 a fishing fleet is seen at anchor. At 19:45, shots of underwater plants and fish, possibly at an aquarium. At 22:38, shots of Honoulu including downtown at 23:06 and Diamond Head at 23:14. At 25:25 a native fisherman moves a net. At 25:25, various shots of flowers. At 27;15, tourists examine pineapple groves. At 28:23, sugar cane and pineapple processing is shown. At 31:00, shots of Honolulu from a fishing boat, followed by shots of fishermen posing with beautiful fish.

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  1. DeWayne Blue on November 30, 2020 at 9:29 pm

    The Pan Am jet is a Boeing 707 (not 727).

  2. Satan Official on November 30, 2020 at 9:40 pm

    You would think that surfers would be the first to scream bloody murder about the death of the Pacific Ocean due to the Fukushima ELE. But mostly, just the sounds of silence.

    But then, surfers aren’t exactly renown for their… intellectual prowess…

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