Sports Show Outdoor by CLM

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Exhibitors registration now open for and 2021 , 2022, 2023


A total of sub 84 categories, some products, and associations will take place in the CLM Run Show, Trade Fair, and Exhibition includes all food, home, and sports health products. A few categories are listed below.

Sports Categories : Sports & Sporting, Natural & Organic, Apparel & Clothing, Sports Underwear, Sport Tourism, Outdoor Leisure Sport Equipment, Water Sports Equipment, Sportswear, Snow Sports, College Sport Equipment, Fitness Apparel, Winter Sports Equipment, Sports Medical Equipment, Sports Equipment, Sports Bag, Sports Fishing Products, Sports Shoes, Sports Glasses, Mobile Medical APP, Fitness APP, Non-Alcoholic Drinks Products, Zero calorie products, Energy drinks Products, Protein Drinks, and Food Experts, Soft Drinks Products and Manufactures, Athletes Beer Products, Spring Water Brands

Other Categories: Entertainment & Media, IT & Technology, Food & Beverages, Fashion & Beauty, Animals & Pets, Baby & Kids, Toys & Games, Apparel & Clothing, Sports Industry, Education, Natural & Organic, Tea & Coffee, Music & Sound, Meat, Poultry & Seafood, Books & Publishing, Photography & Imaging, Bicycle & Scooter, Cases & Bags, Optical & Glasses, Water Tech, Underwear, Dental, Miscellaneous.

Sport Shops & Brands -Gyms & Athletic Experts-Nutrition Food Suppliers and Manufactures.

Athletic Clubs & Organizations.

Restaurants, Energy Drinks, and Food Drink Stalls, Therapy Clinics, Para Athletic products.

Companies specialized in food products, Sugar Products, energy drinks, Protein products, vegetarian and vegan products sellers.

Athletes hairstylist & beauty, Guide dogs experts, Training experts.

Foot and Back Massage, physiotherapists, Sports Massage Experts.

Other Event Organizers Booths-Charity Booths.

Software & Electronics: Athletic Software and Other Software, Games Developers, GPS, and Stop Watch Brands. RFID Systems, Runners Chips and Sensors, Event Clocks and Finish line Kits sellers and producers.

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