Oru Kayak How To: Understanding Tides, Currents, Wind and Weather When Kayaking

In this important how-to video, Jeff with Oru Kayak gives us some valuable insight on the conditions all kayakers need to know. Tides and currents, wind and weather.

Jeff explains why having an understanding of water and weather conditions is an essential part of making each kayak outing enjoyable, safe and comfortable. Since your paddling experience depends largely on the conditions you encounter, Jeff gives us a few handy tips on how to get in the know before you get in the water.

Get the scoop on how tides and currents can affect how you maneuver your kayak and learn to understand the weather in your location before you venture out.

Oru Kayak offers a full range of folding origami kayaks that are lightweight, portable, compact and easier to handle than inflatable or hard shell kayaks. They’re perfect for beginners, seniors and experienced paddlers alike. Plus, we offer paddles and other kayak gear and accessories to beautifully complete your rig.

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  1. John Barclay on October 10, 2020 at 4:34 pm

    Excellent video.

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