How to Throw a Cast Net (Easy Way) & Tips for Fishing with Cast Nets

Throwing a cast net well consistently doesn’t have to be hard. Let me show you how to throw a cast net the easy way and I will also show you everything a beginner needs to know about cast nets: Cast net terminology, how to pick the right cast net, how to use a cast net, how to catch more fish with a cast net.

00:30 Intro to cast net terminology
01:40 How Cast Nets Work
02:34 How to Pick the Right Cast Net (picking the right weight & Length)
05:47 How to Pick the Right Cast Net (picking the right mesh size)
07:15 How to Throw the Net for Beginners (4 ft net to 12 ft net) (Without putting net in teeth)
11:02 How to Throw Cast Net (additional tips)
12:42 How to Fish with Cast Net (Tips and Tricks to Catching More Fish)
14:33 Using Cast Net in Deep Water

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