Handling Interruptions in Your Hunting Lease

In this video, Pat Porter, #LandBroker for RecLand, talks about a few things to remember to keep from getting upset when your hunting lease goes through a timber harvest or sells.

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  1. Ed Huber on November 15, 2020 at 9:00 pm

    We bought in Calhoun, AR with low price due to timber deed encumberance. Lo and behold, lucky me as the TIMO cut 4yrs early. On my initiative, I gave half back year’s lease fee to the long-standing Club for the year of cut…even though it wasn’t my cut, nor under my control. That said, I agree that after the cut (and my re-plant to lob), they’ve a period of high browse & cover to attract game, and of better fields of plunging fire from elevated stands. Folks, my aim is on the timber(for self or son) and the hunt lease can lapse entirely if it comes to it. I like the lease to defray costs and have a presence vs trespass, & eyes-on, pressure on the hogs on the other bottom ground….. but the economics and the landowners’ aim (commercial, and NILO, too) is on the timber. TIMO’s contract was for softwood, but I left the streamside(& tops), too, before hand plant. In our case, we worked with the Club and they were understanding, too.

    Limit the drama.

  2. Jeff Laura on November 15, 2020 at 9:10 pm

    Keep the videos coming pat thanks!

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